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Philippine Siren.

A beautiful wooden vessel in the Philippines

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tubbataha national park – 6 nights

Marine Park & Port Fees: 120 USD per person (to be paid on board)

Meeting point for embarkation: Hotel Centro, Puerto Princesa at 12:30
Embarkation point: Baywalk Pier, Puerto Princesa at 13:00*
Disembarkation point: Baywalk Pier, Puerto Princesa at 10:00

*it is imperative that all guests are ready to embark at 13:00.

Day 1 – Embarkation Day:

Embarkation from Baywalk Pier at 13:00. Once on board, lunch will be served followed by a mandatory briefing from the Tubbataha Management Office and a check conducted by the coast guard before the boat can leave port.

There is no diving on embarkation day.

Day 2 -5:

Your Cruise Director will schedule up to 4 dives per day; 3 day dives and a sunset dive, typically as follows:

Light Breakfast followed by a briefing & Dive 1

Full Breakfast, relaxation followed by briefing & Dive 2

Lunch, relaxation followed by briefing & Dive 3


Briefing for Sunset dive (no night dives)


In accordance with Tubbataha Marine Park regulations, dive times are limited to a maximum of 60 minutes.

Day 6:

Two morning dives* in Tubbataha National Park before Philippine Siren commences the 12-16 hour crossing back to Puerto Princesa.

Day 7 – Disembarkation Day:

Following breakfast on board, disembarkation between 09:30 and 10:00.

Route Highlights:

Delsan Wreck

One of the best dive sites in Tubbataha with big schools of big-eyed trevally, yellowtail barracuda, great barracuda, dogtooth tuna, and giant trevally together with grey reef sharks and white tip reef sharks.

Black Rock

There is so much to explore at this dive site that we will often spend the whole day diving here. Schools of surgeonfish, rainbow runners, and sweetlips are a common sight. White tip and nurse sharks are found resting under huge table corals and scribbled filefish, box fish and leaf fish add to the color and spectacle of the stunning reefs; a great site for spotting spiny lobster too!

Washing Machine

A wide variety of colorful reef fish form schools here; from big-eye jacks to tiny orange & purple anthias, all creating a welcoming atmosphere. Spot the tiny creatures including cowries wedge themselves amidst the leather and whip corals. It is a great site for turtles, and whale sharks have also been spotted here.

North East Wall

Adorned with stunning sea fans and colorful soft corals. This wall is super for wide-angle photography. Schools of bannerfish hover in the blue, turtles bumble along the wall, and from the sandy bed garden eels and gobies emerge.

Shark Airport

Many white-tip reef sharks resting at the shallow plateau are typically seen here; hence the name Shark Airport. Dog tooth tuna, schools of trevally, marble rays, eagle rays, nurse sharks, and batfish all add drama to the stunning reef. Turtles and moray eels are a common sight but divers should watch out for the triggerfish.

Amos Rock

Moorish idols, sweetlips, and snappers all form large schools here, also commonly seen are white-tip reef sharks, great barracuda, and giant trevally. When lucky, pygmy seahorses can be found in the gorgonians.

Staghorn Point

Golden, pinnate, and longfin spadefish all form schools along this fan-encrusted wall, meanwhile clouds of purple anthias hover over the fields of staghorn corals in the shallow reef top. Also, this is a good site to spy on turtles, snowflake morays, and spiny lobsters.

Jessie Beazley Reef

Huge schools of surgeon fish and unicorn fish hover over the reefs, where we commonly see numerous grey reef sharks and huge Napoleon wrasses.

Malayan Wreck

This reef is the habitat for different trevallies, barracudas, bump-head parrotfish, and juvenile grey reef sharks with the usual suspects darting around. Marbled stingrays can sometimes hang out here.

southern visayas – 6 nights

southern visayas – 7 nights

malapascua & visayas – 10 nights

southern leyte & visayas – 7 nights

visayas, southern leyte, & malapascua – 10 nights

tubbataha & more – 13 nights



premium double cabin.

These beautiful cabins feature 1 Queen bed with private air-conditioning, ensuite bathroom, ample storage space, and a cotton bathrobe for each guest.

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premium twin/double share cabin.

These beautiful cabins can be configured with 2 twin beds or 1 double bed. They each come with private air-conditioning, ensuite bathroom, ample storage space, and a cotton bathrobe for each guest.

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premium twin share cabin.

These beautiful cabins come with 2 twin beds, private air-conditioning, ensuite bathroom, ample storage space, and a cotton bathrobe for each guest.

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deck plan

trip inclusions

✔ Airport transfers (depending on itinerary)

✔ All meals

✔ Water, soft drinks, tea, and coffee

✔ Up to 4 guided dives per day

✔ Tank, weight, and weight belts

trip exclusions

payment terms

cancellation policies

Southern Visayas:

Arrival airport: Mactan-Cebu (CEB)
Departure airport: Mactan-Cebu (CEB)

Ideally, if your liveaboard itinerary starts from Moalboal, you should plan to arrive in Cebu the day before embarkation and arrange hotel accommodation for 1 night. Guests who are planning to arrive in Cebu on the day of embarkation are kindly requested to book a flight which arrives no later than 09.00am as the transfer from Mactan-Cebu Airport to Moalboal takes approximately 4 hours.


Arrival airport: Puerto Princesa (PPS)
Departure airport: Puerto Princesa (PPS)

International flights may be booked into and out of Manila or Cebu, although Manila offers a greater choice of flights to Puerto Princesa. We recommend that you plan to arrive in Manila, Cebu or Puerto Princesa at least 1 day before your liveaboard departure date to allow for possible flight delays or schedule changes.

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