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6 thrilling destinations for the over-traveled diver.

have you gotten to a point where you swim by a loggerhead turtle and feel absolutely nothing? great, then you have come to the right place. though we admittedly love…

9 tips for planning your dive trip to the galapagos.

It is no secret that our love for the Galapagos Islands runs deep. It is undoubtedly one of the best places to scuba dive in the world. It can be…

11 tips for the first-time liveaboard diver.

Congratulations! You just booked your first liveaboard trip. Or you are thinking about it hard enough to land on this article. Either way, we are thrilled for you. And lucky…

top 5 places to dive with sharks for beginner divers.

There are two types of new divers - those who cannot wait for their first shark encounter, and those who show up to a dive boat with a shark repellent…

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we are a group of passionate divers with over 50 destinations personally visited and over 2000 dive trips booked for clients. we specialize in tailoring trips based on your preferences and skill level. our first-hand experience means that we can give you real advice and real support. we always do ‘exit surveys’ with each of our clients to provide additional depth and breadth beyond our experience.
our approach means that you can always count on us to make the best, informed choices for your trip of a lifetime.

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